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School of Ministry

Launching Fall of 2024!

Awakening Ecclesia's School of Ministry certificate program provides a well-rounded and in-depth biblical approach that teaches a comprehensive understanding of God's scripture, patterns, intentions, whole story, and our place within His plan from the original context.

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First year courses include:
Deuteronomy 32 Worldview_.jpg

Deuteronomy 32 Worldview

This course draws primarily from the work of Dr. Michael Heiser to give students a foundational understanding of the Deuteronomy 32 worldview in its Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) context. Further study is centered on the implications and impact of this worldview on Christian practices, cosmology, and theology.  Dr. Heiser’s book, “The Unseen Realm,” is a required textbook for this course. 

Old and New Testament_.png

Daily Devotionals: Understanding the patterns of God’s divine order from Genesis to Revelation

Engage the whole story of scripture with these devotions and read the Parashat (Portion) readings with new eyes as part of the Whole Story of King Jesus. Receive training and coaching, teaching students how to think through scripture and grow in understanding of the ancient Hebrew context of the Bible.  As we engage the scriptures together, learn to see the beauty and brilliance of God’s character, His ways, His design in creation, His purposes, His blueprint for the  cosmic created order, His original intent for humanity, and His desire to rescue us and to bring us home.

Weekly Parashat Reading_.png

Weekly Parashat Reading

The weekly Parashat includes readings from related portions of scripture from the Torah (Genesis – Deuteronomy), the Haftarah (Writings and Prophets) and the Brit Chadashah (New Covenant/New Testament). Devotional content consists of 52 weeks of 30 – 45 minute episodes that mine the spiritual gold of scripture and give applicable discipleship lessons that will appeal to both Gentile and Jewish believers in Messiah Yeshua. 

Priesthood of the Believer_.png

Priesthood of the Believer

This study turns to the biblical history of the priesthood in Israel to deepen students’ understanding of humankind’s original vocation as priests of YHWH (Yahweh). It is in this vocational role that humans were designed to function as imagers of YHWH in His earthly Kingdom. Drawing on scripture and scholarly sources, this study sheds light on the biblical concept of a priest, his functions, duties, and place in the cosmic created order.  Understanding and reclaiming the vocational identity and function as priests is key foundationally to taking our position to fulfill our common calling and purpose as a God’s family in this world.  In essence, it is the basis for healthy, functional ecclesias (churches) worldwide.

Friday Evening (The Table)_.png

Friday Evening (The Table)

Deep dive into themes surrounding the Sabbath to unpack its full significance as an act of remembrance (past), an act of worship (present), and as a proclamation of eschatological hope in the age to come (Olam haba / future). When you complete this course, you will be able to explain the significance of the Sabbath to others and practically apply what you have learned to incorporate Sabbath into your own life. 

Biblical Festivals_.png

Biblical Festivals

The biblical feasts are a blueprint of Gods divine ways and prophetic timeline in this current age (Olam Hazeh / “this world”). This course unpacks themes surrounding the Biblical festivals (moedim) to unpack their connection to the continuing and triumphant story of God’s people from creation to the new Eden. Understand why honoring God’s chosen times to gather with His family is an important part of the cosmic created order. During this course you will have the opportunity to participate in one of the Biblical feasts or other appointed times (such as the Sabbath). Upon completing the course, you will be able to communicate the content you have learned to others and demonstrate how to honor the moedim in your own life and community.

Israel and the Church_ Re-examining Entrenched Paradigms_.png

Israel and the Church: Re-examining Entrenched Paradigms

What is the relationship between the church and Israel? This question has been the source of debate for centuries – with surely even more debate to come. Though the debates will continue, there is an urgent need for a fresh paradigm and conceptual framework regarding the Church-Israel relationship. In this introductory course, students will briefly examine the assumptions of current entrenched paradigms that have gone unchallenged for centuries. They will discover God’s purposes with the nation of Israel in the light of Romans 11 and the spiritual significance of our relationship to the covenant people of Israel as believers who have been grafted-in through the new covenant. 

Angel of the Lord_.png

Angel of the Lord

Starting with Jesus as He is introduced in Revelation 1:8, the one “who is, and was, and who is to come,” this course looks back to the beginning of the Bible to discover the pre-incarnate Christ acting within human history to fulfill the will of His Father, with particular focus on the angel of the Lord in the Old Testament. Through the study of relevant scriptures and related scholarly sources, students will come to see the Messiah who was “before Abraham” (John 8:58), as the Malak Elohim (Angel of the Lord), who called Abraham back on Moriah (Gen 22:11), the one who “found” Hagar at a well (Gen 16), and who appeared as the commander of the Lord’s army to Joshua (Joshua 5:13-15). 

Origins_ The Cosmic Storyline of the Bible in Genesis 1-11_.png

Origins: The Cosmic Storyline of the Bible in Genesis 1-11 

This series of courses, taught by Kerri Weems, consists of 3 modules of in-depth study on the first eleven chapters of the book of Genesis. These courses apply both literary and historical-contextual methods of analysis and interpretation to the first 11 chapters of Genesis as the foundational origin story of the cosmic created order, divine intent, human identity, chaos, rebellion, and judgement. Modules are structured around the 3 rebellions in Genesis 1-11 and conclude with a brief overview of the Deuteronomy 32:8 and divine council worldviews in the final modules. Modules are as follows:

Origins Part 1: Original Intent (Genesis 1-3)
Origins Part 2: A World of Our Own Making (Genesis 4-8, 101 is prerequisite)
Origins Part 3: In the Shadow of Babylon (Genesis 9-11, 102 is perquisite)

Sacred Space_ Temple patterns in Context_.png

Sacred Space: Temple patterns in Context. 

This 4-part course series explores the themes and images of the Temple as sacred space throughout the scriptures. All modules include study of themes related to the concept of sacred space, life, cleansing, transformation, and the priestly function. Modules are as follows:

101: Introduction and overview of creation as temple, overarching themes, broad overview of the development of temple themes in scripture and in the contexts of the Ancient Near East, Israel’s Kingdom and exilic periods, and the second temple period. Briefly touches on temple images in Revelations. 

102: Part 1 begins with the concept of the creation as a temple and humanity as its priests, our study considers the function of temples in the Ancient Near Eastern context and expands to cover temple imagery in the prophets. (101 prerequisite)

201: Part 2 builds upon Part 1 and enters into temple concepts in the gospels and epistles, especially focusing on the Pauline epistles, situating temple imagery and language in a pastoral context. (102 prerequisite)

301: Part 3 looks at the temple through the eschatological lens of the books of Hebrews and Revelations. (201 prerequisite)

Church Planting.png

Church Planting

This course provides practical instruction, exploration, themes, and application on church planting from a 1st century Hebrew perspective – how Jesus originally instructed and intended for disciples to plant and equip the churches. Teachings compare and contrast the modern church planting movement with original intentions and prepares students to apply concepts learned on community, Shabbats, church meetings, teachings, and equipping of believers to serve as priests in their homes and neighborhoods – and to continue in the spread of church planting across the nations.

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